We Are Milwaukee's Family Law Professionals

At Brazil & Benske, LLC, in Milwaukee, we believe that a person going through a legal matter as life-changing as divorce deserves a team of lawyers who have committed themselves to Wisconsin family law. You will not find separate attorneys who focus on diverse areas of the law. You will find a team that focuses together one particular thing: helping our clients get through their divorce or family law matter as efficiently as possible, with their rights, their financial interests and their dignity intact.

"We never forget that you have a life to live after the dust has settled on the emotions and frustrations that led you to us. That means focusing our efforts on skillful, effective negotiations whenever possible, but always being ready to fight a battle in court if it means protecting your long-term interests and rights." — Senior Partner Paulette Brazil

There is so much uncertainty associated with family-related legal issues, much of it created from uncertainty and lack of answers to even basic questions:

  • How does this process work?

  • How long will it take?

  • What is going to happen to me financially?

  • Where am I going to live?
  • What is going to happen with the children?

We have the skills and ability to explain how the process starts and ends and what needs to be accomplished during its course. This understanding in and of itself will provide you with a clear direction and will start to alleviate some of the concerns.

We will work with you to define not only the goals but also the steps that need to be taken to achieve those goals. As we work toward defining the goals, we will assess what is really important to you. We will also look at the facts and circumstances and analyze how the law impacts your particular situation and your objectives. This process really helps to answer questions and clarify areas of uncertainty.

You can count on our experience to get you through the toughest challenges that lie ahead. Our experience in all areas of Wisconsin family law litigation includes:

  • Divorce litigation: We practice exclusively in this area of law, meaning we will be your experts whether you are seeking a collaborative divorce through mediation or negotiations, or you have disputed issues that will require a trial
  • Custody, placement and other legal matters involving children: Divorce and nonmarital relationships that involve children, such as custody and placement disputes are always emotional. We keep your focus on the future while protecting your child's best interests throughout the process.
  • Other family law matters: We use our experience to provide a full range of services in the family law field, including paternity litigation and child support, post-divorce judgment modifications and orders of protection for domestic violence. We can even help you with adoption and guardianship petitions.

It's your future. Trust it to attorneys who understand that a new beginning starts with getting the legal details right. Call us at 414-939-0468 or use our convenient contact form to arrange an initial consultation with a dedicated family law attorney at Brazil & Benske, LLC.