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Ending your marriage as a newlywed

While planning a marriage and in the days after the ceremony, many couples envision spending the rest of their lives with each other. However, various things can go wrong, and some marriages do not work out. In fact, some people decide to split up as newlyweds, and you should not feel trapped in a marriage just because your family spent a lot of money on the wedding or you feel like you have to stick it out even though you know that the marriage will not work out. For example, some people may see a different side of their spouse once married, whether a couple is simply incompatible or domestic violence is involved.

As a recently-married couple, there may be a number of pressures, from those which are financial in nature (relocating, finding a new job, paying for the wedding, etc.) to other stressors (dealing with in-laws, adjusting to life with a spouse, and so on). Sometimes, these pressures can be so great that they cause a couple to drift apart. Many people have split up with their spouse even though they were recently married, so you should not feel stuck.

You should not feel bad if you are a newlywed, although you may be worried about how your friends and relatives will react to the news if they recently attended your wedding. Whether you have been married to your spouse for a matter of weeks or for decades, you should remain firm if you have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to end the marriage.

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