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The assets that count as marital property in a divorce

When it comes to filing for a divorce in Wisconsin, the Date of Separation is important. According to Forbes, the DOS may be decided based on when one party moved out of the house, when the couple physically separated or when the person filing for divorce announced their intent. The DOS then helps couples and courts to decide what property counts as individual or marital assets.

When family vacations and child custody intersect

Family vacations offer a wonderful opportunity to help your children create lifelong memories. Even better, going on a family trip may boost brain development for the young ones in your family. If you share custody of your kids with a former spouse, though, you must be sure your summer vacation does not turn into a nightmare. 

Incarceration and child support

When it comes to jailtime and child support in Wisconsin, there are two main things to keep in mind. The first is that failure to keep up with child support payments could potentially land a person in jail. The second is that being in jail, whether for child support payment lapses or other reasons, does not exempt a person from the need to pay child support.

Collecting alimony payments for post-2018 divorces

Alimony is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to divorce in Wisconsin. Some spouses feel bitter about paying spousal support, while others may feel awkward or guilty about asking for it. Some people may believe that homemakers and supporters are entitled to continued support from the breadwinner, while others believe it perpetuates a cycle of dependency that the former homemaker now has no incentive to break free from.

Reasons a prenuptial agreement may not be valid

Couples in Wisconsin who signed a prenuptial agreement may think going through divorce proceedings will be a lot easier because of the contract. While this can be true for some couples, it may surprise others that a judge may find a prenup to be invalid for a number of reasons.

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