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Not all divorce mediators are the same

Couples in Wisconsin who are going through a divorce and want a less stressful process may choose mediation over court litigation. Part of the process is picking a mediator, and it is important to know that they are not all the same. For the best outcome for both parties, it is worth taking the time to conduct adequate research and ask the right questions.

Protecting your credit in a divorce

There is a lot of talk about protecting finances in a divorce and separating assets. Few people in Wisconsin remember to focus on protecting their credit as well. Note that a divorce may not have a direct impact on credit scores. However, it may have indirect effects, especially when it comes to debt or open accounts couples shared together.

Protecting the family business during a divorce

When two entrepreneurial minds in Wisconsin marry, the results can be amazing. The couple works hard together to build something that not only supports their own individual ambitions but provides for their family. Over time, they develop not just financial attachments to the business, but an emotional attachment as well.

3 reasons to choose legal separation over divorce

When you walked down the aisle, you probably assumed you would live with your spouse forever. You also planned for a financial future with your husband or wife. As you know, though, not all marriages end in happily ever after. Sometimes, spouses choose to dissolve the marriage and look elsewhere for happiness. 

When is child support modification possible?

When you get divorced in Wisconsin, a court sets the terms of your child support agreement based on your child's living situation and you and your ex-spouse's financial assets. However, the original child support payments may not be correct if your income changes. In certain circumstances, you may request that the terms of your child support agreements change to accommodate new financial realities.

More men are getting spousal support

In the days of old, men in Wisconsin and the rest of the U.S. were too manly to accept alimony from their ex-spouse. They would not even ask. While, most still will not ask, more men are getting spousal support than ever before. MarketWatch notes that 45% of lawyers noted an increase in women paying not just alimony but also child support.

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