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Divorce: Don't let legal issues keep you from moving on in life

Many Wisconsin marriages are in a constant state of turmoil. In fact, many couples have already filed for divorce this year. Most who have and are also parents consider their greatest priorities to be helping their children cope and avoiding legal stress that can impede the ability to leave the past behind and move on in life.

Collaborative divorce and your Door County vacation home

With miles of shoreline, beautiful forests and delicious restaurants, Door County is a vacationer’s dream. If you cannot resist the peninsula’s draw, you may own a vacation home in the area. Still, if your getaway is marital property, you must address its ownership during your divorce proceedings. 

Anticipating a child custody battle in a Wisconsin divorce?

Wisconsin parents definitely do not always agree when it comes to raising their children. It is common for families to include one parent who is more lenient with kids than the other, for instance. Such differences of opinion can lead to legal problems if a particular set of parents decides to divorce and one or the other files a child custody petition.

Audrina Partridge says co-parenting is toughest part of divorce

Swimsuit designer Audrina Partridge has reportedly re-entered the dating scene. As a now-divorced single mother, she recently shared thoughts on what she is seeking in a relationship and also what the most challenging parts of her own marital breakup have been. Many Wisconsin readers can certainly relate to Partridge's circumstances.

Use divorce as motivation to repair your credit

While not all divorces are acrimonious or heart-wrenching, you may need something to distract you from the emotional toll that often accompanies the end of a marriage. If your credit score is not as high as you would like, you may choose to direct your efforts toward repairing your finances. After all, good credit is usually essential for securing post-divorce financial freedom. 

Divorce and finances

Going through a divorce in Wisconsin can be financially devastating. Between attorney fees and paying for two households, the process can be draining. Post-divorce provides its own financial headaches if one spouse owes child and/or spousal support. However, making smart decisions and planning ahead can minimize the financial impact, and there are even financial benefits after divorce.

Spousal support may affect divorce negotiations

When breadwinner spouses in Wisconsin get divorced, they are often most concerned about spousal support. In fact, their financially dependent spouses worry about this too. Will they be eligible to receive it? And, if not, will they be able to make a living on their own after holding back on their career pursuits or leaving the job market altogether for so many years?

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