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Kate Beckinsale, Len Wiseman took 4 years to finalize divorce

Before the new year strikes in 2020, many Wisconsin residents will decide to end their marriages. Reasons will vary although many spouses may have certain issues in common, such as having been cheated on, being tired of feeling unappreciated or simply deciding to no longer stay in an unhappy relationship. However, filing for divorce and finalizing one are two very different things; in fact, it can take months, or longer, to successfully accomplish the latter.

Divorce: Don't let legal issues keep you from moving on in life

Many Wisconsin marriages are in a constant state of turmoil. In fact, many couples have already filed for divorce this year. Most who have and are also parents consider their greatest priorities to be helping their children cope and avoiding legal stress that can impede the ability to leave the past behind and move on in life.

Audrina Partridge says co-parenting is toughest part of divorce

Swimsuit designer Audrina Partridge has reportedly re-entered the dating scene. As a now-divorced single mother, she recently shared thoughts on what she is seeking in a relationship and also what the most challenging parts of her own marital breakup have been. Many Wisconsin readers can certainly relate to Partridge's circumstances.

Divorce and finances

Going through a divorce in Wisconsin can be financially devastating. Between attorney fees and paying for two households, the process can be draining. Post-divorce provides its own financial headaches if one spouse owes child and/or spousal support. However, making smart decisions and planning ahead can minimize the financial impact, and there are even financial benefits after divorce.

Being prepared to juggle retirement and divorce

When a couple has decided to get divorced from each other in Wisconsin, they face many challenges in regards to separating the life they have created together. Effectively and efficiently moving forward with life can be exponentially more difficult for couples that have been married for a longer period of time. One area that can be seriously impacted is a couple's retirement savings and plan. 

Does a legal separation indicate the end of a marriage?

If you decide that you no longer wish to be married to your spouse, there are several actions you may take in Wisconsin. You may seek an annulment, but there are only a few reasons a court may authorize this procedure. Two more common options are divorce and legal separation. While there are some similarities between these two actions, there is one significant difference: A divorce indicates the end of the marriage, but a legal separation does not.

Reasons a prenuptial agreement may not be valid

Couples in Wisconsin who signed a prenuptial agreement may think going through divorce proceedings will be a lot easier because of the contract. While this can be true for some couples, it may surprise others that a judge may find a prenup to be invalid for a number of reasons.

Modifying divorce terms when circumstances change

After you file your divorce paperwork in Wisconsin, you may think the terms of the agreement are unchangeable. However, there are some circumstances when you may be able to modify the terms of your divorce to address changes in your life. At Brazil & Benske, LLC, we understand that divorce agreements sometimes need modifications if they are to continue meeting the needs of everyone involved.

What is an emotional affair?

Infidelity is considered a deal breaker for most married people. However, cheating doesn't always involve a physical aspect. Emotional affairs are those where two people form emotional bonds outside of their marriage that threatens their union. Very Well Mind explains some of the warning signs of an emotional affair. 

What are some signs that a marriage is headed towards divorce?

Marriage can be hard work, but it's worth it when two people love and support each other. For some couples, problems may seem insurmountable, which means divorce will be on the table. Business Insider explains some of the common signs that a marriage is reaching its end. With this information, couples can decide whether they want to take steps to preserve the marriage or if it's time to get in touch with a divorce attorney. 

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