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Raising children, stress and divorce

Parenting can be tough, not only with respect to the daily responsibilities associated with caring for a child but from a financial and emotional point of view as well. Sometimes, couples who face various stressors related to raising children may notice that their marital relationship has suffered, and in some instances, couples may grow apart and ultimately decide to divorce. For parents, the divorce process can be particularly challenging and there are many legal matters that may have to be addressed.

Sex addiction and divorce

Infidelity has shattered many relationships, and people are unfaithful to their partners for many different reasons. Some may cheat on their husband or wife because they are bitter about something or want to get revenge, but there are other reasons why people carry out affairs. For example, some people may have a sex addiction, which could disrupt their life in countless ways and result in the breakdown of personal relationships. Whether you are struggling with this addiction or you believe that your partner is a sex addict, it is important to consider this topic as you move forward.

Ending your marriage after retirement

Those who move forward with a divorce may be dealing with any number of issues in their personal lives, from problems with their in-laws to financial hardships and emotional hurdles. It is important to pay close attention to the unique circumstances you are facing and be aware of any details that could impact your divorce (as well as your life afterward). For example, perhaps you or your spouse recently retired or plan to retire in the near future. If so, it is essential to be aware of the different ways in which this could affect your life and your divorce.

Divorce, estate planning, death and disability

Many people realize that moving forward with a divorce will prompt an array of changes in their personal, financial and even professional lives. What some fail to remember, however, is how important it is to revise an estate plan once a marriage comes to an end. In fact, failing to do so could be extremely detrimental in the event that someone becomes disabled or passes away before the final decree of divorce. If you are splitting up with someone you have been married to and they are included in your estate plan, it is crucial to handle these matters swiftly.

Going through divorce as a large family

When someone decides to split up with their spouse, this decision can have a major impact on the entire family. Sometimes, divorce is a straightforward and relatively simple process, with everyone in the family in agreement that such a decision is necessary and best. In other instances, people may disagree with a divorce, such as a spouse or kids who do not want the marriage to end. Moreover, other challenges may be present. For example, some people may have a very large family and there are different things to consider if you have many kids and are working your way through the divorce process.

Revising your health care proxy after divorce

Many people understand the different ways in which their lives are affected by the divorce process, such as those who have to deal with a custody dispute, child support payments, alimony, property division or some other common family law matter. It is crucial to keep in mind that some people face unique responsibilities during and after their divorce. For example, someone may have to make changes to their estate plan or revise their health care proxy following the end of their marriage. There are various reasons why it may be crucial to look over your health care proxy after divorce and make any necessary changes.

Finding happiness after divorce

People sometimes view divorce as an experience that is negative, overall, and very challenging. While this can be true in some cases, it is important to consider the different benefits that may be associated with divorce. For example, someone who is in the middle of an unhealthy and unhappy marriage may find that breaking up with their spouse brings a number of positive changes in their life. Ultimately, every couple is in a different position, so it is important for you to approach your divorce (and life after divorce) from a unique perspective.

Breaking up with a narcissistic spouse

Married couples find themselves in court moving forward with a divorce for countless reasons. Some are the result of an unexpected incident, such as a one-off occurrence of domestic violence, while other couples break up over longstanding challenges that they have been dealing with throughout the course of their marriage. For example, some people may not be compatible with respect to their personalities, such as someone who is very narcissistic. If your spouse displays signs of narcissism, it may be helpful to take this into consideration during the divorce process. It is important to avoid being judgmental in life, but there are times when you may need to pay special attention to these details, especially if you will be involved in a custody dispute, for example.

When children disagree with a divorce

Divorce can be a tricky process to approach for all sorts of reasons. Often, parents have uncertainty about certain aspects of the divorce process, such as how child custody will be split up or some other family law matter. Divorce can be incredibly stressful and for parents who have children, it can be even more difficult. Not only do child custody and child support matters often come into play, but some parents may even have a hard time discussing their divorce with their child. After all, many children do not ever want to see their parents split up.

Ending your marriage as a newlywed

While planning a marriage and in the days after the ceremony, many couples envision spending the rest of their lives with each other. However, various things can go wrong, and some marriages do not work out. In fact, some people decide to split up as newlyweds, and you should not feel trapped in a marriage just because your family spent a lot of money on the wedding or you feel like you have to stick it out even though you know that the marriage will not work out. For example, some people may see a different side of their spouse once married, whether a couple is simply incompatible or domestic violence is involved.

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