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Divorce and the approach of the holiday season

For many families, the holidays are a time when everyone comes together, and people catch up with loved ones. The holidays can also bring up various stressful issues, and this is especially true for a couple that is in the middle of a divorce. Some people who have already broken up with their spouse may still attend a holiday celebration together, for various reasons, while others may avoid relatives during the holiday season because of their divorce. Some people who are in the early stages of working through a divorce are unsure whether or not they should visit their in-laws during the holidays.

Growing apart and deciding to divorce

A couple may split up for all sorts of reasons. Some people are never able to get over their spouse’s infidelity, while other people file for a divorce due to domestic violence, such as physical or verbal abuse. Some people may even move on from a marriage because they have found a new partner. Moreover, some marriages come to an end because a couple has simply grown apart. This can happen to many couples and it is not uncommon for people to change dramatically during the course of a marriage.

When your spouse unexpectedly files for divorce

Often, people view divorce from the viewpoint of someone who has decided to file a petition or has given their divorce a considerable amount of thought. However, some people find themselves in court after their marital partner unexpectedly files for a divorce. If you recently found out that your spouse has decided to bring your marriage to an end, you may have many questions and you could be struggling with other difficulties, such as strong emotions and uncertainty about your future. It is pivotal to be prepared, regardless of whether or not you were expecting your marriage to end or even agree with your spouse’s decision to move forward with a divorce.

How can I cope with stress during my divorce?

If you’re facing a divorce in Wisconsin, you likely have a lot on your mind. Among the many practical legal considerations, you may also be experiencing an emotional upheaval accompanied by a great deal of stress. offers the following advice in this case, which can help you through some of the more difficult aspects of divorce.

Ending a second or third marriage

There are many reasons why a marriage does not work out, from fights over financial matters to disagreements over how to raise a child. Sometimes, people marry someone else after ending their first marriage. Second and even third marriages occur quite often, and these marriages may also lead to a divorce. If you are considering filing for divorce for the second or third time, you may have some familiarity with family law issues and how the divorce process works in general. However, you should remain focused and understand that there may be various unique aspects of this divorce.

Changing your mind about divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage can be particularly hard and there are countless factors that may have to be taken into consideration, such as various ways in which life will change, the financial consequences of divorce and the potential benefits of ending a marriage that is unhealthy. Sometimes, people change their minds with respect to their decision to file for a divorce. There is nothing wrong with having a change of heart, but it is important to make sure that there are not any negative influences (such as a controlling or abusive partner, meddling family members, etc.) who convince you to make a decision that is not in your best interests.

College and the end of marriage

Couples have many different concerns as they work through the process of divorce, such as questions about how their property will be split up or issues involving their children (child support, custody, and so on). Another divorce issue involving children is college, which some families have to work through. If your child is planning on attending college soon, you may need to take this into consideration as you work through divorce. For example, college attendance can impact child support payments, affect a parent financially due to tuition and living expenses and also create stress for children and their parents as well.

Divorce and family pets

 The end of a marriage can be tough and emotional for a plethora of reasons, especially when couples have kids and/or a significant amount of property. We have covered many of the different reasons why the end of a marriage can be tricky, but there are far more issues that some couples have to work through. For example, some people have concerns about being unable to see a family pet after they split up with their spouse, such as a beloved dog or another animal companion.

Bracing for the financial impact of ending your marriage

People think of many consequences when it comes to divorce, such as losing a custody dispute or the family home. From strong emotions to major life changes, divorce can be a difficult process to work through. However, the financial impact of bringing your marriage to an end should not be overlooked. There are multiple reasons why divorce can be tricky from a financial standpoint, such as obligations to pay alimony and child support. Moreover, property division can be difficult as well.

Marital satisfaction and divorce

Married couples make the decision to end their marriages for an array of reasons. Sometimes, a marriage is seemingly healthy and a couple’s relationship is progressing well, until one incident (such as an affair or an episode of domestic violence) brings the marriage to an end. In other instances, a couple may be struggling with long-term resentment or marital challenges and finally decide to separate. There are many factors that play a role in divorce and marital satisfaction (or a lack thereof) is an important part of a married couple’s relationship.

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